Optimum Banner Exchange Manual
v1.1 Admin Menu

Manage Users

Here you can manage all the users who have signed up at the banner exchange.

You can click on each user in this list to view detailed information on each user.

Detailed information shows the following stats:

Total credit
Earn credit
lose credit

"Earn Credit" is how many credits a user earns each time their banner is shown.
"Lose Credit" is how many credits a user loses every time their banner is shown (to avoid confusion, you should leave this set to 1).

You can also suspend the user via the admin menu as well.

Manage Banner

Here you can view all banners that have been added by users into the banner exchange.

You can see the Banner #, the User # the banner belongs to, an image of the banner, the number of times the banner has been displayed, the day the banner was submitted, and the banner status.

You can also edit any of the banner info in this menu.

Manage Transactions

This shows all the banner impressions that have been purchased by your users.  In most cases the banner credits are added automatically.  You will be emailed by the system each time a user purchases banner impressions.

Client Settings

There are a number of things you can edit here.

Here you can set the price & number of banner impressions available for each package.

Setting gold_price to "9" and gold_credit to "100000" would give the user 100,000 banner impressions for $9.00.  The paypal buttons are automatically setup.

You can also set the url of your banner exchange here.  Be sure to add a '/' to the end of your URL.



approval_payment: If set to no, credits will be automatically added when user buys credits, if set to yes, you will have to approve each transaction before credits are added.

Start Earn can be set to anything you want, it should be a number below 1.
Start Lose should be set to '1' to avoid any confusion.

bonuscredit - This value will be added to each new user's credits.  If you want to offer free credits for signing up add the ammount here.

Admin Settings

Here you can change your admin login & password.  You can also change your paypal email address that payments are sent to.

Send email

When sending an email you will see the following fields:

Email From:
Email subject:
Email type:
Email body:

The two things that need clarification here is the "Email From" and the "Email Type" parts:

Email From:

You must change this when you send out an email, the default input here is:

"Service" <service@myhost.com>

You should change it, if your name is bob and your email address is bob@billy.com then you would enter the following:

"Bob" <bob@billy.com>

Email Type:

If you are sending an HTML email then select HTML.  If you are just typing your email in plain text be sure to select text.  If you select HTML and there are no line breaks (ie: <BR>) then everything you type will be on the same line.  Only select HTML if you are entering HTML code here.


This function of course simply logs you off the admin menu.